Keep it Simple Stupid

I know that seems like a really harsh thing to say, but often times we try to over complicate our lives by creating a bazillion hoops to jump through in order to be successful which ultimately culminates in disappointment and even failure.  When it comes to being well balanced in all aspects of our lives, the simple things make all the difference. How do you mean?? Well I call this concept “Just Add Broccoli.” Do you ever double check how to spell broccoli?? Seriously, it is a weird looking word and I second guess the spelling every time I write it out, but luckily I am a therapist a rarely have to spell broccoli besides on my grocery list.

Anyway…back to JUST ADD BROCCOLI!

Recently a co-worker was asking me about Paleo and I told her that it is always best to start simple.  Just think about meat, vegetables and fruit.  Try to eat meat and vegetables at every meal.  Then we can work on the details.  If you do a cruddy job of eating vegetables then just think about adding a veggie to each meal (thus the phrase, just add broccoli). We are not focusing on all of the don’ts, the focus instead is on what I am choosing to do. Add a little positive. If you are adding a veggie to every meal, then most likely you will have less room for not so ideal food choices.

The concept of just add broccoli can extend to other areas of our lives, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  What can I do to take better care of myself? What is best for me right now? Going for a walk, listening to some peppy tunes, playing with the dog, eating an apple, meditation….etc.

So simplify the process and ask yourself the question, where do I need to add a little broccoli?


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