ImageAll work and no play makes Jack a dull boy (The Shining). This is creeper and no one wants to be a creeper!

How do you balance all of your responsibilities with positive self care? And what do we do when our self-care becomes a tedious task??

Taking a step back from life and enjoying the little things, can make the big things seem more manageable. Why do you think children laugh as much as they do?? Their only job is to have fun and because they are crazy imaginative and don’t have stressors that we often face as adults they experience the little things with sweet joy. Regardless of how old you are, it is nice to take a lesson from the kiddos in our lives and learn to have fun again or more often. Now I am not giving you permission to quit your job and lay by the pool all day, I am merely saying that we have to find balance in it all!

I CrossFit. I love it. It is amazing, but there are days when I have to remind myself that the main reason I am there is to have fun, it is my “playtime”. I have literally written the goal “Have more fun” on the goal board in effort to remind myself to let loose and enjoy the process. Are you enjoying your hobby, pastime, or exercise?? Some days we need to change it up, change our perspective or add different kinds of fun into the scenario to keep it all in check!

Since it is Friday I challenge you to find something FUN to do (legal and safe people…I didn’t say crazy…and I am not liable/responsible for any craziness that this post could inspire).

Just because that other picture is so creeper…Image

Dancing with an orphan, now that was a ton of FUN! Happy Weekend!


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