FAT to UNfat

Really it all boils down to what you put in and what you put out. Now don’t go thinking dirty people….I am talking about the amount of energy required to burn the food you put in your body.

calorie (ˈkӕləri) noun
1. a unit of heat.
2. a unit of energy given by food.

So how do I lose weight? By burning more calories than you consume in a day. A pound of body fat equates to approximately 3500 calories. So if for one week you ate 500 calories less a day than what you burned, you would lose approximately one pound in a week (500 x 7 = 3,500). How many calories should you eat in a day? This depends on your gender, age, weight, goals, exercise and metabolism. Overwhelmed yet? Here is a good calorie calculator.

That is great news right?? Just eat 500 calories less a day and BAM! Yes, it is great and calorie counting is important but you are doing yourself a disservice if the scale is the only measure you use to indicate and identify change. Why?? When we exercise and eat right fat turns into muscle, muscle is denser than fat (it weighs more) but takes up less room. See this picture…Imageyeah it’s kind of gross, but visual aids often help support comments such as these.  See what I mean…BIG DIFFERENCE!

Measuring (your body – hips, waist, chest, thighs, arms, calves, etc) is a better way of identifying fat loss, than hopping on a scale. Have you heard of skinny fat before–someone who is really skinny but has no muscle mass and is therefore skinny fat? No??… Guess we will save that conversation for another day.

If you are lifting weights regularly you have probably been here before. You workout hard, you are eating right and the scale won’t budge to save your life!! Throw away your scale! You think I am kidding?? I am not kidding. Go do it! DO IT NOW! Scales are dumb.

How do you know you are losing inches? Your belt notches, how your clothes fit (and no it doesn’t count when your pants are only loose because you have worn them five times in a row without washing them) or even the old fashioned take your measurements and compare them 30 days later.

Best ways to burn fat
Intense exercise…not just cardio
Clean eating—no processed foods, junk, or ingredients you cannot pronounce that were created in a lab!
Drink lots of water
Eat only what is necessary to fuel your body (or a deficit of 500 calories a day)

The reality is if you want to lose fat then eating whatever you want as long as you workout is not ideal. I am not saying you can never ever have a chocolate chip cookie again; I am just saying it shouldn’t happen often or even regularly. Losing fat happens when you burn calories, which means you have to meet a caloric deficit. If you don’t eat enough then your body goes into starvation mode and starts storing everything—it’s about balance—it’s about survival people. Be consistent, don’t yoyo diet; eat what is necessary to fuel your body, no more, no less.


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