Remove the Head or Destroy the Grain

zombieYou just think that zombies say “brains” as they chase after people, but what they are really saying is “grains.” So if you want to be like the living dead then go ahead and keep eating grains….(video footage).

Here are a couple of very good articles on why grains turn you into a zombie:

OKAY okay, they don’t literally turn you into a zombie, although when eating them you may have zombie-like side effects including but not limited to:
Feeling like your head has been bashed in with a baseball bat (headache)
Difficulty moving/walking funny (inflammation, arthritis)
Wanting to rip someone else’s head off (mood swings, depression)
Loss of teeth (yes really…teeth issues)
Spontaneous secretion of bodily fluids (diarrhea, gas)

Sorry if that was a little graphic…just seemed like a good idea to go with the zombie theme and I’m too lazy to go back and change the last two paragraphs.

Why do these symptoms occur (the simplified version):
Chemicals used to process grains
Lectins– Carbohydrate binding proteins.They interfere with nutrient absorption and digestion, which causes inflammation. More on lectins.
Gliadin– a protein in wheat gluten. They are connected to neurological impairments. Check it.
Phytates– also known as photic acid bind with minerals and take them out of the body…in other words prevents nutrients from being absorbed. More here. 

Bottom line. You wouldn’t let a zombie come up to you and bite you without a fight, so why are you going to put something in your body that will make you feel like a zombie?


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