puppyI have not been sleeping well lately. One of those seasons where I cannot turn my brain off to save my life…yes I realize that my brain shutting down would in fact end my life…BUT you know what I mean! Thoughts everywhere, mind is running fast like a cheetah…yep that fast! So sleep is what’s on tap for today!

Things that can improve sleep:
Setting aside “worry” time every day—so you can process the day and take care of the business running through your mind
Relaxation techniques
Regular exercise
A relaxing bedtime routine (can make a huge difference)
Proper sleep conditions
Healthy coping skills during the day to deal with stressors (important regardless of how well you sleep)

Things that can make sleep worse:
Watching TV in bed
Using bright screens right before bed (iphones, ipads, computers, etc)
Staying in bed even if you can’t fall asleep (studies show that getting up and doing something relaxing tends to be more productive)
Caffeine (I know, I love coffee too!)
Alcohol (no one wants to admit this one)
Eating too heavy of meals right before bed
Eating junk
Drama (it’s so obvious but true!)

So far, I have failed at sleeping much better, even though I have tried all these tactics…the only thing saving my sanity right now is the new firm pillow I bought yesterday which added like an hour to my sleep (so I guess that is not total failure because it did help)! I will take what I can get! What strategies do you find effective in aiding quality sleep? Hope you catch good ZZZZZzzzzzz’s tonight!


2 thoughts on “ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz

  1. I have always been a ridiculously light sleeper. Post kids it became insane. With cutting back coffee, eliminating wine, sugar etc. I’m still a super light sleeper. About two years ago I started taking melatonin at night. My understanding is that our production of melatonin decreases as we get older, and it has helped immensely. Not the best solution since it is a supplement, but I was loosing my marbles. Might be worth experimenting with if you’re having days on end of bad sleep.

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