ImageThe best part of waking up is….your coffee?? Maybe it isn’t the very best part of waking up, but it very well could make waking up more inspiring or give you the kick in the rear that you need to get your day going.  I personally have become incredibly addicted (I swear I could stop if I wanted…) to having my iced coffee in the morning.  Don’t worry I am not spending oodles of money at Starbucks or any other coffee shop for that matter.  It is a home brew with a little coconut milk heaven.  It is my pre-workout “supplementation” and it is absolutely DELICIOUS!  Please do not get this confused with hot coffee.  They are in two very different categories and who on earth can drink hot coffee when it is 100 plus degrees outside?!?! Bleh!  Regardless of my personal preference for a cold morning cup of joe, I figured it would be nice to give a little spiel on this glorious beverage!

1. Is delicious…oh I already said that…
2. Is a stimulant and has caffeine
3. Comes from a seed
4. Can cause the jitters and peak anxiety
5. Has anti-inflammatory properties
6. Is delicious
7. Is full of antioxidants
8. Has preventative qualities for many diseases
9. Can affect sleep
10. Can be habit forming
11. Improves cognitive performance
12. Is PALEO! At least most people can agree that coffee is paleo, but it’s all in the manner of how you drink it. Drinking it black, unsweetened or with a little coconut milk seems to be acceptable….but limiting yourself to 1-2 cups a day is most ideal.  I know, I know, it is easy to drink a lot more, but moderate consumption is best!

Here’s your brain:brain 3

Here’s your brain on coffee:??????????????????????????????????????????????

Totally not true at all…I just googled colorful CT scan images…you don’t want that colorful is NOT a good sign…but the point is coffee makes everything a little bit more fun! So what are you drinking this morning? Coffee, tea, water, spark, etc? I am currently enjoying my second cup of iced coffee! DELISH!

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3


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