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Last week I posted on Facebook “If you read my blog, let me know if there are any topics you would like to see on the blog.” One suggestion was cannibalism. Maybe pop culture is feeding this suggestion with all of the zombie and vampire movies…or not, but in effort to appease my readers here are some interesting reads on Cannibalism:
How Stuff Works
European History
Jamestown History

The point here is not to gross you out by talking about humans eating humans (Is it weird that I wrote this while eating breakfast??? Don’t worry no cannibalism here….just eggs, bacon, avocado, red cabbage and coffee). I’m simply giving you information.  Seriously I am not well read on the subject so I have little to offer the blog world on this peculiar topic. But I can give you a non-cannibal dinner idea, that I just so happened to whip together last night!

Burgers and Red Cabbage
What you need:
Grass fed ground beef, cilantro, onions, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, red cabbage, bacon and avocado.

How to make it:
Make patties out of the grass fed beef with cilantro, onions, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder mixed in.  Then grill them up.  While this is going on, saute your cabbage with olive oil, salt and pepper and fry your bacon.  Slice up your avocado and serve it all together. It is a pretty colorful pallet of food and super delicious.  Red cabbage is my new favorite thing.  I ate about 2 cups of it while I was cooking breakfast…it was like a per-breakfast snack (leftovers from last night…not raw cabbage—we will save that for salads). Check out these nutrition facts on red cabbage.

Now wasn’t that fun, cannibalism, red cabbage and it is not even noon on a Monday. You are welcome.


Pushing Limits

Do you like olive oil?  Do you like olives?  I really don’t understand how one can like olive oil and hate olives, but that is totally me.  I think olives are gross.  Maybe that is because they remind me of this chicken spaghetti that we used to eat growing up and the texture of the black olives made me cringe.  I’m not going to lie, they still do.  How do you get past textures and foods you find undesirable? Simple answer: Eat them.  Profound advice right there.  I am sure you are now wanting to come see me in my office and pay me lots of money to lay on my couch….well it is a pretty comfortable couch and my office is quite cozy.

I know most people care most about the taste of food…clearly I can see why that is important….but sometimes texture can keep you from enjoying a food that you would like to enjoy.  For example: in my pre-paleo days I tried so very hard to like cottage cheese.  I force fed myself this stuff and I would literally gag while eating it…and would still make myself eat it.  Yep, now it is confirmed that I am a little masochistic (please keep your mind out of the gutter, this is the definition was referring to: A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences). Welcome to my reality.

Many times we have to push past what seems like our limits, so we can experience new things, break barriers or even make positive change.  Not everything requires a rocket science solution, sometimes the only thing that works is doing the very thing we don’t want to do.

This however, may not always happen in one giant step. Utilizing things like gradual exposure works well… breaking it down to baby steps and having a person become comfortable with each step. For example, for a week or two, you just have to deal with the olive on the table (for the true olive hater). The next step is the olive on your place-mat. Then plate. Then you have to touch it. Then smell it. Then lick it. Then bite it, etc. Eventually it is consumed and maybe it won’t be your fat of choice, but you have made substantial progress!  Obviously this applies to things beyond food, so get out there and break a limit (not a leg or the law)!!

Travel Survival

You are going on a trip and you are stoked.  Vacation time! Going to getaway, have fun, relax and eat whatever I want….is that you?? It is easy when we are traveling to throw all our healthy habits out the window, but justifying the break and time away.  Sure this is okay to do once in a blue moon, but if you travel often (like for work) then you could be “breaking the rules” more than you are actually following them. Yes logic says if you keep doing what you are supposed to then it will be easier when you get back home, but then you are laying on the beach sipping a cold beverage and the waiter brings by a tray of delectable goodies (of the non-paleo sort)! Then you quickly go into “angel vs demon” mode and argue with yourself about the best decision to make and before you know it, you are eating chocolate cake (or whatever tickles your fancy..personally I wouldn’t choose cake).

Routine – Try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Does that mean you need to wake-up at 4:30am?? No, but if you typically exercise first thing in the morning, plan on a little activity.  Keep your meal times similar, plan for snacks, etc.
Rules – Set some boundaries and stick to it.  Like only one drink a day, no grain, only two desserts….
Rest – If you are not getting sufficient rest, you are more likely to splurge on things you might not normally consider.  Plus getting away should involve some down time!
Play – Get out and have fun. Try some new activities, be active!
Snacks – Take snacks with you…seriously never leave home without them!  Don’t blindly hope that there will magically be food available wherever you go.  Have a good game plan.  If the larabar is in your travel bag, you will be less likely to go for the donuts.
Avoid – When out of routine it is easy to snack or graze (mindlessly) and lose track of what you have put into your body.  Be nice to yourself and be mindful about when you are eating.
Research – When eating out, scan the menu and identify the big “no-nos” and STAY AWAY! I’ve even heard people say they have a food allergy, (when they really don’t) just to avoid unwanted oils, grains, etc….I know, not the most honorable, but sometimes you gotta do what you’ve gotta do!
Enjoy– If you give in, don’t make it a free for all.  Vacation shouldn’t be about food, just like life isn’t about food.  Make fun memories, have a blast and do your best!

Food for Thought

I know it is only Wednesday…but don’t start the day looking like this:
(Willow after running her first 5k. She just plopped right down in the shrubbery).

Anyway, switching gears today and providing you guys with some helpful articles that give WAY more information than I would have time to put together.  When you have a moment you should check these out or flag them to read later!

Get your read on:
Paleo Fantasy
Exercise Addiction
Dear Mark: A Few Questions About Protein Powder Marketing Claims
9 Ways You Might Be Inadvertently Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts

Happy Wednesday!

Sticks and Stones

ImageWords. They are powerful. They have impact. They can build a bridge or be a wrecking ball. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. People may wish this…just like they wished they didn’t care about what other people say or do. We care. It’s human. You have emotions; that is perfectly normal. Not having a response to someone’s words —no emotional response— would be dull and empty. We would miss out on the sweet moments just as much as the painful ones. Don’t wish your emotions away; instead work through them. Experience them and grow. Let’s not forget that the we words we speak to ourselves are equally important and no I’m not talking about “crazy voices”….although some of your inner dialogue could very well be considered crazy.  What labels do you give yourself?  Your words matter, even the quiet ones that no one else hears. Be mindful of your words today. Be impactful.

Taco Boats

It is Monday and you might wish you could sail away to the weekend, but let’s face it, you have got to work first! I know, reality is not always pleasant, but we can’t always live for the weekend! So let’s make today a little more exciting by giving you an easy dinner idea/recipe (minus the measurements…so sorry…I need to get better about measuring).  It is a tex-mex kind of a Monday.  Who doesn’t love tex-mex?? If you don’t then we are probably not friends, at least not friends that actually hang out and stuff.

One. Word. Guacamole.  Enough Said.

grass fed beef
romaine lettuce
bell peppers

Most people know how to make tacos.  Throw your beef in a pan, cook and season.  Chop up all your veggies/fixings.  Cut up your romaine lettuce so that it is your shell (really use the lettuce leaf–please make sure you wash it…bugs like to hang out in lettuce…we don’t need any unwanted treasures in your taco).  Top your “shell” with your meat and fixings and enjoy! Oh and make sure it is loaded with A LOT of guacamole.

VISUAL AID (yes I know there is cheese in this picture and cheese isn’t paleo….I just googled taco boat so there is some visual appeal to this post…hopefully you get the idea…and if not….I can’t help you)Image

On The Go

We all have those days that start at 4am and don’t end until late in the evening…no? Just me? Seriously? Maybe the 4am part is just me…I know, it’s special. Back to the point. Some days are LONG! That being said, it is important to have a good game plan for your day, especially when it comes to food!

You know the quote “I’m sorry for what I said when I was hungry”? That is totally me. Why? Scientifically speaking low blood sugar happens when we go to long without eating. Hypoglycemia would be the extreme to this. There are many symptoms associated with having low blood sugar, including headaches and grouchiness. Okay, the grouchiness may not be scientific, but it is totally true!

Here are a list of on the go specials you may want to consider carrying around in your purse, bag or man purse….hey we don’t discriminate around here:
Boiled eggs
Homemade trail mix
Dried fruit
Beef jerky
Kale chips
Pumpkin seeds
Caveman cookies
Raw veggies
Plantain chips

These are also great things to have around if you know you could be stuck at an event with non-paleo food options, so you are not tempted to eat something you normally wouldn’t and you won’t have to worry about your blood sugar dropping too low. However, be kind….sometimes it’s better etiquette to eat what you are offered! No need to be rude! It is just food for goodness sake! Now go grab a yummy snack!

The Here and Now

So I know I have already given the speech of take time to smell the roses and coffee and even the bacon…what you don’t smell bacon every morning?? Come on over to my kitchen. Bacon happens daily. Constantly we weigh our responsibilities, hopes, dreams and goals—which is incredibly exciting and can be overwhelming.  We add broccoli and then expect everything to run smoothly.  The reality is life is rarely that simple.  We work hard to fine tune every facet of our lives so that our dreams to come true.

I was reading a daily meditation last night that is actually written for women in recovery.  It is called Each Day a New Beginning and has been a fun daily reading for me to encounter thanks to my sister-in-law for passing it along.  No, I am not in recovery, but we can always learn more, look at things from a new perspective and grow. These are some excerpts from the meditation yesterday (perfect theme for my day):

The future is made of the same stuff as the present – Simone Weil

Our existence is purposeful and part of the whole of creation, and we can sense our purpose.

We must cling to the present or we’ll miss its invitation to grow, to help a friend perhaps, to be part of the only reality there is.

Some key takeaways:
1.    Cherish the present
2.    Make time for others
3.    Embrace your purpose

Yes it is good to have a plan; yes the past has impact; be present today.


ImageThere are days when we feel like zombies and no I am not talking about lethargic, slow and bloody…I am talking about having a one track mind (you know what I mean, all they think about are eating brains).  Sometimes this plays into our favor because it gives us the ability to focus on a task at hand and other days it leaves us incredibly distracted because the only thing we can focus on is in fact the opposite of what will help us with productivity.

Eat more of these:
Omega-3s (fish, nuts)
Leafy greens (kale, spinach…)
Caffeine (don’t go crazy here…)
Nitric oxide (dark chocolate, nuts)

Other things that help:
Good sleep
Meditate to clear thinking and relax
Eat breakfast

I am so distracted today. I could seriously only focus long enough to get you this much information! And just for the record, this was my second attempt at writing on the same topic. My computer decided to shut down randomly on me and I hadn’t saved my work.  Lesson learned.  CTRL S is important to do more often than not…now get back to work or whatever it is you are supposed to be doing instead of reading my blog and FOCUS!