Going Nuts

If you are thinking that this blog post is about going crazy or postal then you are mistaken….although that would make for a very interesting blog post….filing that one away for later! So we just got off a long weekend, hopefully more rested than not and we are approaching the week with every effort to eat clean and work hard. There are many opinions about eating nuts. I personally, think they are delicious and every time I visit my grandfather he gives me a gallon sized bag of shelled…(yes already shelled—thank goodness) pecans, that I eat all by myself in a matter of a couple months. Nuts are delicious and nutritious. The end….Image

Okay, fine. Not really the end. It can be a little nutty (i know…cheesy pun) trying to sort through the facts so let me give them to you straight!
1. Lots of good fat
2. Good protein
3. Good fiber
4. Great antioxidants

Nuts to munch on – pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, brazil nuts, cashews and pecans. Moderation is key here. Nuts are hard to digest and could cause some tummy problems if you overindulge…believe me…remember what I said about the pecans….sooo easy to do! Not a lot of negative to say on nuts.

Peanuts are not a nut. I know this is very unfortunate and the name is deceiving…all of that “choosy mothers choose JIF” was just a marketing scheme… Peanut butter straight off a spoon and into my mouth is so incredibly delightful, at least it used to be! But alas peanuts are in fact legumes and have a lot of anti-nutrients….they are one of those foods that I thought I could eat without any side effects until I went without and when I introduced it back into my diet, it became obvious why I should not eat them. Now, when I am craving peanut butter, I go for the almond butter….yes I know it isn’t quite the same, but it is kinda like eating beets….it is an acquired taste and it does satisfy the craving!

Do you have a favorite nut? I love the build your own trail mix bins at whole foods where you can add only the food stuff…then you aren’t picking around the nuts you don’t like and you can add some other yummy things in there as well…you are welcome Whole Foods for the free advertisement. Make it is great day!

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