Are you a fan of root vegetables?  Most people assume that starches are bad and you should stay away from them because of their high carb concentration.  But who doesn’t like a delicious crisp carrot or a warm baked sweet potato?? There are some important things to understand about root vegetables, but regardless of their bad rep they do play a crucial role in the paleo diet. So why do they have a bad rep?? They are all high on the glycemic index.  That means that root veggies spike the insulin levels in your body.  Insulin is a hormone that helps your body stay metabolically balanced.  It isn’t all bad, however, too much or too little can be very dangerous.  Essentially insulin helps process things into fuel/energy. We need carbs when our blood sugar is low, like post-workout. We DO need them, just not ALL the time.  Just like you would grab an umbrella on a rainy day (and maybe even your nifty rain boots), you should grab root vegetables after a hard workout as a part of recovery.  It is practical, it makes sense, it should be happening regularly. Listening to your body becomes crucial with root veggies.  Yes, you could eat them at other times of the day and that doesn’t mean you are sending your body into a metabolic disaster, but it isn’t necessarily something you need everyday or at every meal. Now, if you are training a whole lot, like multiple hours a day, then replenishing the body becomes important and you could very well eat root veggies daily.  There is no cookie cutter rule, just like most of life….it depends on your unique situation/training/goals…

Bottom line, root veggies are delicious and are allowable, but moderation (my favorite word) is key! Don’t just take my word for it, here is some good info:
On Starches
On Potatoes


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