Good Hydration

WATER. Duh! It is simple, what you need is water and you need a lot of it! H20 is an essential component of our diet that we often neglect and rarely give it much thought.  The reality is, we could all drink more than we do…so how much is a good amount? 80 oz for a grown adult is considered the bare minimum. This is without considering exercise, climate, food intake, alcohol consumption and other unique factors to you.  I try really hard to drink 100 oz a day.  Some days that is easy, some days I feel like I am being tortured via my water bottle!! Regardless of how easy or hard it is, the fact still remains that water is absolutely necessary! You get some H20 from your food, (if you are eating clean) but not enough to keep you well hydrated. If you are bad at math or you don’t feel like crunching an equation then you can click here, and let an online calculator do the computing for you, just answer a few questions and it will give you a rough estimate of ounces you should be consuming.
What else can you drink? Technically, you can drink anything, so maybe a better way to put it would be what else should you drink or what else would be fine to drink or what is not completely unacceptable to drink…you can decide the best sentence structure…it’s like choose your own adventure without the adventure part….and I will carry on.

OKAY TO DRINK (the short list)
Sparkling water (like La Croix—watch out for brands with sodium and sugar)
Water with a little fruit juice (add a little lemon, lime…again watch out for juices with added junk)
Herbal tea

THESE WILL NOT HYDRATE YOU—but okay in moderation

Have at least 8 nice cold ones today (glasses of water that is)! Cheers!


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