How’s Your Filter?

As a therapist I use the word filter a WHOLE lot.  I am pretty sure some of my client’s roll their eyes; if not literally, then at least in their minds eye as I use the word Filter.  Let me give you an example “this week I want you to practice using the filter ‘what is best for me?’ when you are making decisions.” Just like in therapy, when we are making decisions about food, we could use a few good filters in order to sort through the junk and do what is best!

1. Is this a whole food?
2. Did this come from an animal?
3. Can I read all the ingredients and are any of them artificial?
4.  How will this make me feel?
5. Does this have added sugar?
6. Is this processed and if so, how?
7. Do I need this? (NEED not want!)

What other filters do you think would be beneficial for you to utilize as you make decisions about food?  How well do your filters work? You know how the saying goes “practice makes perfect” —well that is actually not entirely true, but practice does make you closer to perfect, so hit me with your best shot!


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