The Mondays

Some people head into the work week already anticipating the craziness they have waiting.  Or some people struggle with having a Case of the Mondays weekly.  Oh Office Space…just a ridiculous movie…pretty entertaining.  If you haven’t taken the opportunity to watch it, then you should…it might actually be a good way to have fun on this Monday, if you are in fact having a case of the Mondays!

How do you prepare for your week ahead?  Some people take extra time to relax and soak up the weekend…while others might make a list and organize themselves as best as possible.  Either way, mentally Monday can be a hard day, but shifting our perspective may very well make Monday a little more bearable.  Maybe adding a little fun into your Monday, having a good lunch break, or even prepping for Monday on the Friday before might ease the Monday blues.  There is definitely no magic formula for making Mondays great other than keeping our attitude and perspective in check.

I do not have any clients to see today, so I am cleaning, running errands and doing all sorts of fun things at home.  I know you are jealous. It is okay to be jealous….

Don’t have much else to share so I will leave you with a humorous story from my weekend:
I was waiting in line for the restroom at Central Market (guys have it so lucky…there is always a line in the women’s restroom).  A little girl went into one of the stalls while singing…super cute.  Then she proceeds to say “Mom, I am going to go number 2, so you should probably hold your nose!” The mother (while giving me a look of – I’m sorry and this is so embarrassing) tells her daughter “Well you don’t need to tell 4 people that you have to go number 2.” The daughter replied “I’m not telling 4 people, I am ONLY telling YOU!” I’m sure their conversation about restroom etiquette later would have been a fun one to hear—– LOL I was trying sooo hard not to laugh loudly.  Gotta love children.  If you don’t then you have no soul…they are hilarious, precious and can even make your day a little bit brighter.

OH and while I was at Central Market, I was able to pick up my first batch of pomegranates for the season. So Delish!! Happy Monday! Embrace it and make it great!


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