ImageThere are days when we feel like zombies and no I am not talking about lethargic, slow and bloody…I am talking about having a one track mind (you know what I mean, all they think about are eating brains).  Sometimes this plays into our favor because it gives us the ability to focus on a task at hand and other days it leaves us incredibly distracted because the only thing we can focus on is in fact the opposite of what will help us with productivity.

Eat more of these:
Omega-3s (fish, nuts)
Leafy greens (kale, spinach…)
Caffeine (don’t go crazy here…)
Nitric oxide (dark chocolate, nuts)

Other things that help:
Good sleep
Meditate to clear thinking and relax
Eat breakfast

I am so distracted today. I could seriously only focus long enough to get you this much information! And just for the record, this was my second attempt at writing on the same topic. My computer decided to shut down randomly on me and I hadn’t saved my work.  Lesson learned.  CTRL S is important to do more often than not…now get back to work or whatever it is you are supposed to be doing instead of reading my blog and FOCUS!


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