The Here and Now

So I know I have already given the speech of take time to smell the roses and coffee and even the bacon…what you don’t smell bacon every morning?? Come on over to my kitchen. Bacon happens daily. Constantly we weigh our responsibilities, hopes, dreams and goals—which is incredibly exciting and can be overwhelming.  We add broccoli and then expect everything to run smoothly.  The reality is life is rarely that simple.  We work hard to fine tune every facet of our lives so that our dreams to come true.

I was reading a daily meditation last night that is actually written for women in recovery.  It is called Each Day a New Beginning and has been a fun daily reading for me to encounter thanks to my sister-in-law for passing it along.  No, I am not in recovery, but we can always learn more, look at things from a new perspective and grow. These are some excerpts from the meditation yesterday (perfect theme for my day):

The future is made of the same stuff as the present – Simone Weil

Our existence is purposeful and part of the whole of creation, and we can sense our purpose.

We must cling to the present or we’ll miss its invitation to grow, to help a friend perhaps, to be part of the only reality there is.

Some key takeaways:
1.    Cherish the present
2.    Make time for others
3.    Embrace your purpose

Yes it is good to have a plan; yes the past has impact; be present today.


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