Taco Boats

It is Monday and you might wish you could sail away to the weekend, but let’s face it, you have got to work first! I know, reality is not always pleasant, but we can’t always live for the weekend! So let’s make today a little more exciting by giving you an easy dinner idea/recipe (minus the measurements…so sorry…I need to get better about measuring).  It is a tex-mex kind of a Monday.  Who doesn’t love tex-mex?? If you don’t then we are probably not friends, at least not friends that actually hang out and stuff.

One. Word. Guacamole.  Enough Said.

grass fed beef
romaine lettuce
bell peppers

Most people know how to make tacos.  Throw your beef in a pan, cook and season.  Chop up all your veggies/fixings.  Cut up your romaine lettuce so that it is your shell (really use the lettuce leaf–please make sure you wash it…bugs like to hang out in lettuce…we don’t need any unwanted treasures in your taco).  Top your “shell” with your meat and fixings and enjoy! Oh and make sure it is loaded with A LOT of guacamole.

VISUAL AID (yes I know there is cheese in this picture and cheese isn’t paleo….I just googled taco boat so there is some visual appeal to this post…hopefully you get the idea…and if not….I can’t help you)Image


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