Travel Survival

You are going on a trip and you are stoked.  Vacation time! Going to getaway, have fun, relax and eat whatever I want….is that you?? It is easy when we are traveling to throw all our healthy habits out the window, but justifying the break and time away.  Sure this is okay to do once in a blue moon, but if you travel often (like for work) then you could be “breaking the rules” more than you are actually following them. Yes logic says if you keep doing what you are supposed to then it will be easier when you get back home, but then you are laying on the beach sipping a cold beverage and the waiter brings by a tray of delectable goodies (of the non-paleo sort)! Then you quickly go into “angel vs demon” mode and argue with yourself about the best decision to make and before you know it, you are eating chocolate cake (or whatever tickles your fancy..personally I wouldn’t choose cake).

Routine – Try to stick to your normal routine as much as possible. Does that mean you need to wake-up at 4:30am?? No, but if you typically exercise first thing in the morning, plan on a little activity.  Keep your meal times similar, plan for snacks, etc.
Rules – Set some boundaries and stick to it.  Like only one drink a day, no grain, only two desserts….
Rest – If you are not getting sufficient rest, you are more likely to splurge on things you might not normally consider.  Plus getting away should involve some down time!
Play – Get out and have fun. Try some new activities, be active!
Snacks – Take snacks with you…seriously never leave home without them!  Don’t blindly hope that there will magically be food available wherever you go.  Have a good game plan.  If the larabar is in your travel bag, you will be less likely to go for the donuts.
Avoid – When out of routine it is easy to snack or graze (mindlessly) and lose track of what you have put into your body.  Be nice to yourself and be mindful about when you are eating.
Research – When eating out, scan the menu and identify the big “no-nos” and STAY AWAY! I’ve even heard people say they have a food allergy, (when they really don’t) just to avoid unwanted oils, grains, etc….I know, not the most honorable, but sometimes you gotta do what you’ve gotta do!
Enjoy– If you give in, don’t make it a free for all.  Vacation shouldn’t be about food, just like life isn’t about food.  Make fun memories, have a blast and do your best!


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