Pushing Limits

Do you like olive oil?  Do you like olives?  I really don’t understand how one can like olive oil and hate olives, but that is totally me.  I think olives are gross.  Maybe that is because they remind me of this chicken spaghetti that we used to eat growing up and the texture of the black olives made me cringe.  I’m not going to lie, they still do.  How do you get past textures and foods you find undesirable? Simple answer: Eat them.  Profound advice right there.  I am sure you are now wanting to come see me in my office and pay me lots of money to lay on my couch….well it is a pretty comfortable couch and my office is quite cozy.

I know most people care most about the taste of food…clearly I can see why that is important….but sometimes texture can keep you from enjoying a food that you would like to enjoy.  For example: in my pre-paleo days I tried so very hard to like cottage cheese.  I force fed myself this stuff and I would literally gag while eating it…and would still make myself eat it.  Yep, now it is confirmed that I am a little masochistic (please keep your mind out of the gutter, this is the definition was referring to: A willingness or tendency to subject oneself to unpleasant or trying experiences). Welcome to my reality.

Many times we have to push past what seems like our limits, so we can experience new things, break barriers or even make positive change.  Not everything requires a rocket science solution, sometimes the only thing that works is doing the very thing we don’t want to do.

This however, may not always happen in one giant step. Utilizing things like gradual exposure works well… breaking it down to baby steps and having a person become comfortable with each step. For example, for a week or two, you just have to deal with the olive on the table (for the true olive hater). The next step is the olive on your place-mat. Then plate. Then you have to touch it. Then smell it. Then lick it. Then bite it, etc. Eventually it is consumed and maybe it won’t be your fat of choice, but you have made substantial progress!  Obviously this applies to things beyond food, so get out there and break a limit (not a leg or the law)!!


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