A Day in Food

I was asked to give a rundown of my day in terms of times and meals.  This will probably be the most exciting thing you will ever read! You ready for this?? Who doesn’t want to know what I eat on a daily basis?? Here was my day yesterday:

4:30am – wake-up
5:15am – morning WOD (brutal and fun) and coffee
6:30am – grocery store (kind of hard to eat breakfast without grocery shopping–I don’t have a grocery fairy)
7:45amish – 2 cups of cooked cabbage while I was making breakfast
8:10am – eggs, bacon, avocado
10:00am – a little more coffee
12:00pm – starving! Finished off the cabbage w/ ½ avocado, then had tuna (has all kinds of stuff in it) and about a handful of plantain chips – didn’t really have much water until around this time, so I had to step it up a notch the rest of the day!
2:00pm – another handful of plantain chips
4:15pm – banana, handful of pecans and couple glasses of water
5:00pm – handful of sea salt and vinegar almonds and you guessed it H20
6:00pm – La Croix sparkling water (coconut flavor of course)
8:00pm – paleo spaghetti
9:00pm – a couple glasses of water
9:30pm – sleep

Some days are not quite as sporadic as this one, but I was hungry ALL DAY LONG!  Another good blog to check out is PaleOMG.  She occasionally posts her meals for the day and she is pretty hilarious. I enjoy her blog very much, she has awesome recipes and she is way more exciting than I am! Be mindful of what you put in your body today! Make it a great one!


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