No Sniffles!

ImageFall is upon us, which means the weather could be changing (cooler) very soon! We are in south Texas so I am not going to say anything that would actually guarantee such a thing…nor do I want to jinx it! Hopefully cooler weather is on its way because I bought several new pairs of workout pants in anticipation of cooler weather (on sale…a good sale actually)! It would be sad to finally have pants that fit and no need to wear them!! Clearly the weather will now become cold because the world revolves around me and the weather is dictated by my shopping…okay enough about workout pants. Oh my goodness, I also just realized that this means I can wear scarfs without sweating profusely! Scarfs are a favorite of mine….especially when they are practical and provide extra warmth on a cold day!

With the weather changing many anticipate the extra nasal drip and occasional scratchy throat. There are more germs floating around than presets at the North Pole in December (especially if you have kids or work with them)…with that being said here are some helpful tips for staying healthy this fall/winter season:

  • Drink H20 like you’ve run a marathon (I assume that this would be a lot of water….I’ve never run a marathon…if my assumption is wrong, then just drink lots of water).
  • Disinfect door knobs, handles, kitchen and bathroom regularly (really this should be a habit regardless of the season…but especially helpful when snotty nosed people touch the same surfaces that you will touch). You don’t have to be OCD with a Clorox wipe, but wiping things down at least once a week or maybe a couple times a week if you have a sick one at home should help eliminate lingering germs.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Keep warm.
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Stay away from mucus producing foods (i.e. dairy).  Your body makes just enough mucus to be healthy so anything you take in that increases your mucus production could very well lead to a minor cold.
  • Eat a clean and balanced diet.  Make sure you are getting plenty of vegetables!
  • Reduce the stress. The holidays tend to be stressful and super busy.  Make sure you pencil in a little R&R to help keep you sane and well!
  • Be cautious with medication.  Sometimes a little hot tea and honey or extra Vitamin C in the early stages of a cold can be just as effective as a popping meds.  However, if you are taking meds, make sure you drink plenty of water and get adequate rest.
  • If you think you are on the verge of getting sick consider eliminating dairy, alcohol and grains (really this should be all the time…but for those who aren’t quite paleo yet…and/or love their beer); also add more water, Vitamin C, and even things like Echinacea to your diet to help boost your immune system.
  • And last but not least, do the things your mom told you to do: cover your mouth, use a Kleenex and wash your hands!

Isn’t it funny how so many of these things sound like good healthy habits we should be mindful of on a daily basis?? No, not funny?? Fine, don’t laugh, but do go make healthy choices this season so it is your healthiest yet (at least the part that is in your control)!


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