Booze Soap Box

So today we are going to have a little chit chat about alcohol.  First disclaimer, if you are not of legal age to drink, then you shouldn’t be drinking.  It’s the law and you may not like it, but there are lots of things we don’t like in life that we have to do, but should find respect for them (I know I am a party pooper and the topic is alcohol….if you think that is bad, then you may not wish to keep on reading).

Anytime you are going to break the rules (referring to paleo here…not the law), you should have a good reason for it.  Not a justification for your decision, a solid reason.  For instance, it is your birthday so you go for the chocolate cake that you love at your favorite restaurant.  No one is going to tell you that you are an awful person for indulging on your birthday…special occasions should be special, so live a little.  However, if everything becomes a special occasion like “Jesus calories don’t count” (a favorite from my college years—in which anytime it was a “church” gathering you could get away with eating whatever you want—baptists) then you seemed to have missed the point.  In that moment you don’t have a good reason to splurge, you are just merely justifying your actions.

I like to use the rule “if you have a reason to drink, then you probably shouldn’t” — bear with me, I’m sure you are thinking I am completely mad at this point.  I’m a big girl, I can live with that…examples:

Bad day at work, stressed, conflict at home, fussy kids, long day, it’s Friday, angry, sad, disappointed, everyone else is doing I, I need to relax….etc.

Why this rule?? Using alcohol as a coping skill is a slippery slope. Not everyone that does this is an alcoholic so please do not read more into this than what I am trying to say: mindless drinking can lead to unwanted consequences. Obviously, there are other things you could do to deal with everyday stressors, however if you are going to have a drink after a hard day, then just make sure it is a deliberate mindful decision each time you do.  The minute it becomes an automatic process, people run into other problems.

If you are still reading at this point, then I have either not offended you or you are looking for more reasons to want to punch me in the face later…so I will continue…I promise I am almost done here.
When it comes to any food or beverage, you should be making a mindful decision to indulge/consume.  Consumption shouldn’t be mindless whatever the nature.  You wouldn’t just walk into a Mercedes dealership and buy a car without thinking about it, would you??? If you would, then you clearly have a large amount of disposable income…..Bottom line: Be nice to your body.  Think before you act. Make conscious decisions to consume!

Here are some articles on Alcohol:
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P.S. If you are having the issue of “I’m tired of explaining my not drinking to people when we are out” remember that being the designated driver (DD) is a totally noble role. Keeps everyone safe and you don’t have to have excuses for not drinking.

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