Random thing happened yesterday. I was in the grocery store picking up a few items and a guy walked passed me and said “you have gorgeous hair”. I smiled, said “thank you” and continued my grocery shopping.  Most people compliment another person merely to be kind, but sometimes that can be incredibly awkward.  The old Sarah (like probably even a year ago) would have told this guy “Oh it is such a mess,” or “you should see it first thing in the morning.” It would have been very easy to deflect the compliment instead of appreciating this random stranger’s kind words.  WHY?? Why do we get awkward when people are being kind?? Why can compliments leave us feeling uncomfortable? Isn’t that the opposite of how we should feel?

Here are my thoughts:

  • You don’t think you deserve compliments.  You are not worthy of a kind word.
  • You feel like if you merely say thank you then it is a form of conceit or cockiness (totally me).
  • You feel like whatever you are being complimented on doesn’t live up to the praise.
  • You are trying to make the situation more comfortable.
  • You are trying to be humble.

About a year ago I realized that I was the queen of deflection and decided to make a conscious effort to merely say “thank you”.  The more I have practiced this little habit, the easier it has been to receive a compliment and I even enjoy them! So the next time someone compliments you, try just saying “thanks,” it might have more impact than you realize.


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