Making the Food Journey

When we are embarking on new journeys in life, we may be incredibly excited and terrified all at the same time! Change can be fun, change can be anxiety provoking and change can be outright painful!  As we look at making changes, we have to embrace some of the uncomfortable moments in order to move forward.

This can be a big deal in any aspect of our lives; food obviously being a huge one.  We add positive, we cut out the crap and sometimes feel like we are on a never ending uphill battle!  I am writing this little post to remind you that it does get easier with time, your thinking about food changes and you eventually embrace a whole new lifestyle.  We move away from the diet mentality and instead take the stance of “this is a choice I am making for myself because we all deserve to be well cared for”.  It eventually becomes instinctive, instead of a tedious task or chore; it simply becomes the way you do life.

This is a great article from the Whole 9 crew on the Stages of Food Grief.  If you are new to the paleo world or you are just working hard to make better food choices, then you should read this article.

The end result is worth it and so is the journey.  We learn so much about ourselves as we climb each hill–we change.  Make the journey count.


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