“I’m Hungry”

You are out, busy, exhausted, forgot your snacks at home and BAM!!!!….the hunger hits! You have kids in the backseat talking about how they are going to die of starvation if they don’t get a snack and your starving children in Africa rant didn’t seem to pass their glazed over eyeballs.  So what do you do?

Eating Out and Snacks

  • First Rule is to ALWAYS keep it simple!  Let’s not over-think the process…what should I be looking for: Meats, Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Seeds….so where might that be??
  • Simple Protein and Veggies options- Chic-Fil-A has grilled chicken nuggets and fruit. I enjoy this option…the oils they cook with are not paleo but seriously I’m not splitting hairs here…just trying to give reasonable options.
  • Say NO NO!! To cheap burger joints (like McD’s —I’m would bet money that most of their stuff is made of some kind of chemical concoction that would make Breaking Bad look like your 6 year old’s science fair project—-do they have Science fairs that young?? Whatever…you get the point)
  • Grocery Store Quickies – Although it wouldn’t be the “most Paleo” option — rotisserie chicken and steamed veggies or prepackaged salad and a couple avocados make for a good dinner on the run that you can easily grab on your way home—obviously if you have multiple kiddos with you the grocery store may seem more like a nightmare than a lifesaver!
  • Convenience Store – Jerky, water, plantain chips (if you are lucky), nuts and maybe some kind of fruit. You could go for the roasted sausage or whatever they have cooking…but it probably has enough nitrates to kill you and who knows how long it has been out there…kind of like buffets…
  • Restaurants — Tex Mex is always my favorite—order the fajitas, load up the guac, pico and veggies! Please avoid the chips, rice and beans…although I will not argue their appeal or level of deliciousness.

This is nothing profound…sometimes we just need a good “mental” back up plan!


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