Why CrossFit??

Why on Earth would someone want to willingly engage in an activity where you would never be considered a master?? Where you would be constantly working hard to achieve essentially the unachievable?  Are we just plain crazy?? (No, I am not speaking of my many selves by saying we…I meant we as a people…otherwise I would be answering my own question).

In many ways, CrossFit is just that….a never ending journey.  CrossFit is constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement. It is a sport where every year someone is given the title the fittest on Earth, but it does not simply end.  There is always room for improvement, always room to grow. Greg Glassman (the founder of CF) says “Our specialty is not specializing.” Does that mean that you aren’t good at certain things…NOPE….clearly Rich Froning is good at a lot of things or he wouldn’t be the champ.  But that is the point, he is just generally good at all skills.

So getting back to why this whole master of none thing is actually appealing….The globo gym experience left me at a Dead. Still. Plateau. I was completely unsatisfied with my workout routine…I was flat out bored and busted my rear everyday without seeing much change.  When I found CrossFit two years ago, I found something that challenged all parts of me; obviously physically, but also mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.  CrossFit not only broke my plateau, it made me realize that without being incredibly challenged on a daily basis I would not reach my potential.  In a way CrossFit leaves me thirsting for more.  You get a taste of a PR (personal record), you do a movement well for the first time and then you want to do the movement well 10 times in a row.  CrossFit is more than just working out, it is a personal journey…a journey that I have come to love and appreciate.  What is your journey? Where do you need to be?  How should you be pushing yourself?  Do you need to get a little uncomfortable?  Whatever path you find yourself on today, embrace the journey.


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