Breakfast of “Champions”

Wheaties are not the breakfast of champions (go ahead and ask a few champions what they eat for breakfast…) and Tony the Tiger is not your morning friend, although he might seem quite chipper, the reality is, he crashes hard after his morning cereal.  Why??

These boxes of cereal claim to have vitamins and minerals that are appropriate for you to have in the morning…they are “enriched” and therefore good for you. UM NO! Most enriched foods do not do your body good (neither does milk really…but that is a story for another day). Instead your body expels most of these vitamins and minerals because your body cannot properly absorb them and instead your body takes in all the chemicals and preservatives used to process these said “whole grains”.  Just like I have said in previous posts, your ratio of proteins, carbs and fats are most important…the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are a secondary concern and are often adequate in a balanced diet without the need to enriched foods.

An important thing to note is what these sugary cereals do to your insulin levels.  You ready?? These meals increase your body’s blood glucose and when this happens your pancreas kicks in to do it’s job–creates more insulin.  So what does insulin do?? It stores the excess that your body produces…which inevitably gets translated to stored fat. The unfortunate part is that your body stops using fat for energy when it is being told to store fat—it can’t do both at the same time.  It is ideal that our body use fat for energy…not storage.

Insulin can also make you super hungry.  You eat cereal for breakfast and then you are hungry within a couple hours of eating. When we are hungry and don’t eat…we get cranky, and feel the “crash”…well at least I get cranky…and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  If we don’t eat when we feel the crash, then we feel like crap the rest of the day and if we do eat, our body immediately starts storing away what we ingest… It is a vicious cycle.  Easiest way to avoid it?? Stay away from the grains and breakfast foods found in a box, instead EAT REAL FOOD!

Skeptical?? Don’t just take my word for it, here are some interesting reads:
Blood Sugar and Cereal
Why Grains are Unhealthy


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