Beans and Farts

beans“Beans, beans, good for your heart. The more you eat them, the more you fart. The more you fart, the better you feel. So eat beans with every meal!”  If you have no idea where that came from, then your childhood was depraved of silly giggles about farting.  I still want to giggle when I hear the word fart…maybe that is because my mom didn’t like that word and it was more appropriate to say “toot” or “poot” and my rebellious side enjoys this “inappropriate” word.  Yep. That is it. I am such a rebel.

I’m sure you are thinking that I am not going to give more info than that from my childhood experiences and that is why you are still reading.  I would hate to disappoint you, so here is a bit of digestible information on legumes (beans) and anti-nutrients.

First things first; your digestive tract does not absorb food, it absorbs nutrients.  I know that may not sound profound but some people think about the food as a whole, when the reality is, we need to pay special attention to its nutrient value (or lack thereof). Legumes do offer nutritional benefits, however they are often not absorbed because of your body’s difficulty digesting lectins (this is why farting happens people…your body doesn’t break it down well…. lectins make things stick to your intestinal walls and bloating/gas occurs… and you have to get it out somehow). This article from Mark’s Daily Apple does a great job of explaining lectins in great detail.

Are legumes the worst thing you could eat?? No.  They do provide some protein, although you would be better off eating 4 ounces of meat.  It is also good to know that not all legumes are created equal.  The green ones (peas, green beans..etc) are baby legumes which means the anti-nutrient (lectin) content is less versus a black bean or pinto bean.  Just like with any food, think about how your body responds.  If you have excessive mucus, inflammation or even farting…then you need to consider that food as a “not so great option” for your body.  Weed out the ones that aren’t great for you and stick to the ones that promote healthy digestion and health!

Here is another great article on digestive enzymes that you should take some time to read.  It has great information on checking your poop. Just figured being totally PC was the best way to go today! Happy Monday!


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