White or Brown?

Rice. That is the topic. I know you have already pulled the reigns and are saying “Hold up! Rice isn’t paleo!” Did I say it was paleo? Nope, I didn’t and NO it is not paleo.  Due to the level of my training, I have been asked to consider occasionally eating non-paleo foods to fuel my body appropriately (specifically–white rice).  Believe me, this has not been an easy thing to do.  WHY? Number one, deep down I am a control freak and I don’t like someone to rock my boat and Number 2, I really do believe that eating paleo has been the best nutritional path I have chosen and I feel great.

Anyway, enough about my first world perils. I have been reading up on rice and I have learned a few things that I felt like were nice nuggets of info to share with the world so here they are:

White rice: It doesn’t offer much nutritionally, other than it is super high in the starch (carbohydrate) category.  The anti-nutrients are minimal, but it does still peak your insulin production like any grain.  Final Verdict: okay to eat OCCASIONALLY, IF you do not feel like crap after AND it is after an intense workout where you have depleted a significant amount of glycogen (carbohydrate storage). Definition of occasional (just for clarification): occurring, appearing, or done infrequently and irregularly.

Brown rice: This guy used to be the popular one in the “whole grains are healthy” world, but I quickly learned that the anti-nutrients are all up in this rice’s business.  You heard me. Lots of anti-nutrients, plus a huge insulin spike and who really prefers the taste of brown rice to white rice?? Final Verdict: avoid brown rice like the black plague (less dramatic version: avoid it like donuts).

And there you have it folks. Google rice nutrition and you can find lots of info out there. What are your thoughts?


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