Detox Bath Review

I gave the detox bath a try that I posted yesterday.  These are some positive takeaways from “bath time”:
Soft skin
Minimized Rash
Time to clear mind
Cleaned up calluses- good hand care blog
Listened to good music
Research and reading (on dominant personality traits that lead to success in the workplace)

Overall I would say that this is a good list of positives from the detox bath time.  However, most of these things on my list had nothing to do with the actual bath but rather forced me to sit still and relax for 40 minutes.  By the time my alarm went off, I was itching (not from the rash) to get up and move around…mainly because I put lavender oil in the bath and was getting quite sleepy and still had a to-do list to conquer!

Would I recommend it? If you need some quiet time to relax, most definitely! Do I think you are going to be toxin free when it is all said and done?? Still questionable.  I am probably about as toxic as I was before the bath. I do not suggest doing this in the middle of the day when you are hoping to be productive–unless you have time for a nap! Being productive after the bath was probably the second most challenging part of this process (the first being I had to sit still for 40 minutes)!

Random but interesting article on Alcohol and Sleep… since we are essentially talking about self-care, I figure it’s not too much of a stretch to share this little nugget! Hope your day is one full of productivity and a little relaxation! Happy Tuesday!


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