Results take time. We live in a society where convenience is expected, where speed is everything because no one has “time”.  Logically we can look at several different things in life that take time.  Not many things happen overnight, sometimes not even overnight deliveries! Yet, we expect instantaneous gratification and even more so results.  We workout hard for a month and expect to see big results.  We eat clean for a week and expect to feel awesome.  I know this is not profound but some things, most things, that are worth your investment take time.  The results may show a little more each day but we cannot expect to climb the whole mountain in one day, when we just learned how to hike the day before.

Having realistic expectations around our results helps us keep a healthy perspective on our progress.  Not only will stressing out about not losing enough weight quick enough potentially mess up your cortisol levels, which inevitably could hinder your progress, but focusing so much energy on one facet of your life could make it harder to reach that goal.  Stay with me.  I know that this may seem counter-intuitive.  But let’s think about it from the perspective of someone trying to get pregnant.  Don’t worry I’m not going to get detailed about baby making…..Someone is super high strung about getting pregnant. They map their ovulation, have sex on peak days and EVERYTHING becomes about making a baby (thoughts, conversations, behaviors, focus).  Stress obviously affects this situation, but our bodies response is important (hormones and the brain).  This person could very well not conceive, choose to adopt and once they have a bundle of joy, pregnancy happens out of nowhere. I have heard a rendition of this story countless times.  When things come to that level of “obsession” — completely consuming our world—we often impede our own progress.  Having healthy timelines, reasonable expectations, and remembering that results take time, can often be a key to seeing changes.  This is not relinquishing you of your responsibility to work toward goals, but a reminder that perspective and balance are critical to your well being. Relax, take a deep breath, and focus on that next step and not the mountain.


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