Competition Nutrition

Game day food is absolutely essential to a great performance. Making sure you are getting all the usual macronutrients are important as well as adding some fat and carbs catered to your energy output. Huh?? In other words, your body will need more fat and carbs to get the job done than on a regular trsining day; for example sweet potatoes and avocado (two of my personal favorites).

On top of this asking yourself the question, “what can I always make myself eat,” is crucial. With nerves, adrenaline and exhaustion, the last thing you may want to do on comp day is stuff your face. So having some go-to snacks can make the differ ex between a podium finish and burning out in a final WOD because you’ve got nothing left to give.

Let us not forget about hydration! Getting enough water is an absolute must!! Usually H2O and coconut water can be found in my ice chest!

A list of my goods for tomorrow’s comp:

coconut water



coconut milk

tuna salad



turkey meat




beet chips

scotch eggs

sweet potato


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