Simple Meals

I know I have used the phrase before, keep it simple stupid….but I am going to use it again! When it comes to your everyday meal planning, simple is key!  Not many people have the energy or time to make an elaborate meal with a bazillion ingredients after a long day at work or in between their evening activities. Don’t set yourself up for failure by over-complicating your weekly meal plan!

Here are some of my favorite go-to meals that take minimal time to prep and cook.
Sausage and Brussel Sprouts
Baked Chicken and Spinach
Paleo Spaghetti
Chicken Stir Fry (hold the soy….that’s not Paleo!)

When I am trying to keep things simple I usually think in terms of the following:
Veggie prep and cook time
Meat prep and cook time

Broccoli, spinach and asparagus can be sauteed/boiled in no time (about 10 minutes of prep and cook time combined).

Baked chicken takes about 30 minutes but once it is in the oven you are free to hang out with your family, get some laundry done, read a little…or whatever tickles your fancy.

Grass-fed ground beef takes about 10-15 minutes to brown and with just a few seasonings and spices can be delicious with about anything.

Usually I ask myself what kind of meat do I want to do tonight and which veggie will be easiest to do with it.  Then get it done and enjoy!

What are some of your favorite quick pairings?? What seasonings or spices are your go-to? So remember keep it simple, not need to make life more complicated!


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