Most like you are reading this because you have some piece of advanced technology sitting in front of you, a phone, computer, tablet or something of that nature.  This alone might put you in the category of “rich”. One could argue that there are varying definitions of the word rich, but I am not talking about Tom Cruise rich, rather you are rich when considering the standard that most live in across the world. According to research done by the World Bank if you make over $10,000 a year, by the world’s standard you live rich among the top 15% of the world. We rarely think about where our food came from or how water came to our faucet. We live in a vacuum. We are constantly striving for more. Sometimes we need a little perspective.  Sometimes we need to remember that there really are starving children in Africa.  Finding a non-profit to support is one way you can help those who are less privileged. We should all be doing more to give back. This is an organization that I support, that does so much to be a part of the solution: EMPOWER SUDAN. They are awesome and do amazing work.  I am not saying you need to stop and send them money right now, but you should check them out! Be grateful, be giving, be generous. You are rich.


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