WODing Sick?

It is not always necessary to skip a WOD when you are feeling under the weather, but knowing when to rest and when to WOD can be a bit tricky.  Here is something to consider when you are wanting to get in a WOD.  What are your symptoms?

Give it a try (above your neck):
Runny nose
Scratchy throat only

Get some rest (below your neck):
Dry cough
Sore muscles (fatigue)
Chest congestion
Upset Stomach

A couple of other things you might want to consider would be your level of hydration and nutrition.  If you haven’t been properly nourished for several days, jumping straight into working out may cause more stress on your body than doing you any actual good. Really we get back to this idea of “listening to your body”.  There might be times when you give it a try (decide to WOD) and then realize that working out is a bad idea.  For exammple, I had a stomach bug over the weekend and thought I would give working out a go this morning.  Not too long after getting started I was feeling incredibly fatigued and decided it was best to throw in the towel.  There are not black and  white rules for all of this…clearly Michael Jordan proved in 1997 that you can do great things athletically even when you have the flu, BUT we will consider this an exception to the rule!


2 thoughts on “WODing Sick?

  1. I’m with you. I woke up with a scratchy throat this AM. I decided to skip not because I felt horrible, but because I have a big day at work tomorrow and I absolutely cannot risk making my self more sick. Back on Wednesday!

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