Changing Seasons

I took a VERY long hiatus from blogging.  Life became downright crazy for me and something had to give—so blogging took the back burner which afforded me the opportunity to focus on other areas of my life that desperately needed attention.  I’ve had some dark days lately.  Days that felt like no matter what I did or how hard I tried, progress seemed impossible; in many ways I felt like my legs had been cut from beneath me.  It became evident that I did not have the time or energy to do all that I would typically accomplish. I needed to be still.

For some during seasons of high stress it can be easy to delve into the tasks at hand, as they provide a distraction from feeling overwhelmed or out of control.  For others, doing even the most medial task feels like conquering a mountain because there is so much to process and work though.  Either scenario is an extreme that does not allow for optimal healing and processing.  There are days when we need to slow down, feel what we are feeling, process those feelings and work through them and then there are days when we need to acknowledge the feelings, but keep moving forward.  It truly is a balance.

If you are struggling to figure out how to walk through stressful situations in your life try asking yourself: “What is best for me today; is it best to be still; is it best for me to get up and do something; what do I really need today?” Being mindful of what you need will help you get there.


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