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Today I was reminded that there are times when we have to call our own BS.  I have had countless conversations with clients about using the BS detector to help keep them honest.  I am not talking about yelling BS out loud, although that could be necessary at times.  We all have moments where we have thought “that thought didn’t just happen”, “don’t feel that way” or “just ignore that feeling”.  The reality is, when we ‘ignore’ feelings and thoughts they don’t just magically go away; they hide out and then they come back…kind of like the monster under your bed as a kid.  You could tell yourself the monster wasn’t there over and over again, but until you checked or screamed for a parent to come check, you were consumed with the monster.

So sometimes you have to say “bull s*#@” —this IS what I am feeling or this IS what I am thinking, so what do I need to do about it??? Soaking it up, really paying attention to it and then taking care of it is the only way to change that particular response.  For example, if you think “I am fat today” and you know that this could very easily become an unhealthy line of thinking, then just ignoring that thought will only invite more thoughts.  Instead you can provide evidence for or against the thought (how is this true, or how is this not true), provide an alternative or balanced (rational) thought (just because I didn’t work out today doesn’t make me fat) and utilize a coping skill (bubble bath, journal, listen to music, or go for a run).  This gives yourself the opportunity to gain some control over the thought and ultimately gives you the reality check that we all need from time to time.

What BS do you need to start calling on yourself? I always loved that card game….


Cover Story

If you were on the front of a magazine, which one would it be?? What would be the headline?? What colors and words would be emphasized on the cover?? Would you allow them to airbrush your photo??

What about your story; what would a columnist write about you?? Would there be a specific topic they would cover or would they interview you with random questions?? Would you have a newsworthy story to tell?? Would you be completely honest or would you use a filter to answer candid questions? Would you use the opportunity as a platform to support a cause?? What would be the key elements of your story??

And that would be my pondering for the day! Enjoy the weekend!


Most like you are reading this because you have some piece of advanced technology sitting in front of you, a phone, computer, tablet or something of that nature.  This alone might put you in the category of “rich”. One could argue that there are varying definitions of the word rich, but I am not talking about Tom Cruise rich, rather you are rich when considering the standard that most live in across the world. According to research done by the World Bank if you make over $10,000 a year, by the world’s standard you live rich among the top 15% of the world. We rarely think about where our food came from or how water came to our faucet. We live in a vacuum. We are constantly striving for more. Sometimes we need a little perspective.  Sometimes we need to remember that there really are starving children in Africa.  Finding a non-profit to support is one way you can help those who are less privileged. We should all be doing more to give back. This is an organization that I support, that does so much to be a part of the solution: EMPOWER SUDAN. They are awesome and do amazing work.  I am not saying you need to stop and send them money right now, but you should check them out! Be grateful, be giving, be generous. You are rich.

Rainy Day Blues

Why not start off a rainy day with a little Willie Nelson??  Although it is not a BLUE kind of day, it is for sure rainy!!

For those of you who are trying to wish your blues away check this out:
How to Get rid of the Rainy day Boredom and Blues

Some other things you may want to try:
Put on rain boots and play in puddles
If you have kiddos (not in school) plan a game in the rain
Watch a good movie
Crank up some upbeat music
Drink a little caffeine
Use good light (especially if you are working and stuck in an office)
Plan a lunch date with a friend
Focus on small tasks throughout the day
Write a blog about rainy day blues (oh wait…that is me)
Get creative!!

For those of you who love the rainy weather–ENJOY!
I hope everyone’s day has at least this much fun in it!

Measuring Up

Very often in life we measure success by what we have, our achievements, our roles, our relationships, the approval of others or how we measure up to someone else. Success can mean different things to different people, but what we see as success if often intertwined with our values.  When we live according to our values, we find purpose beyond the daily grind. Regardless of your personal belief system I think most people can agree with this verse “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Wherever we put weight or value, that is where we place our attention, time and energy (our heart).  Where is your focus?  How are you measuring success?? Does it line up with the values that you wish to live by?? If not, what needs to change, your focus or your values? True contentment and peace does not come from being “successful” in as much as it does from doing the best we can in accordance with those things we treasure most dearly.


Today it is absolutely perfect outside! I totally want to play hooky and be outside all day! That is so not happening…..but I do wish that it was!!

My mind is pretty clear today and yet nothing seems to be inspiring a blog post, even though I have several I am working on….it is just one of those days where I would rather be outside playing….ignoring my adulthood responsibilities and just having fun!

So in the spirit of fun, if your life were a script for a movie what genre would today fall into?

Psychological Thriller
Romantic Comedy
Action and Adventure

Hope it is a fun one!

Sticks and Stones

ImageWords. They are powerful. They have impact. They can build a bridge or be a wrecking ball. The phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me” is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. People may wish this…just like they wished they didn’t care about what other people say or do. We care. It’s human. You have emotions; that is perfectly normal. Not having a response to someone’s words —no emotional response— would be dull and empty. We would miss out on the sweet moments just as much as the painful ones. Don’t wish your emotions away; instead work through them. Experience them and grow. Let’s not forget that the we words we speak to ourselves are equally important and no I’m not talking about “crazy voices”….although some of your inner dialogue could very well be considered crazy.  What labels do you give yourself?  Your words matter, even the quiet ones that no one else hears. Be mindful of your words today. Be impactful.

The Here and Now

So I know I have already given the speech of take time to smell the roses and coffee and even the bacon…what you don’t smell bacon every morning?? Come on over to my kitchen. Bacon happens daily. Constantly we weigh our responsibilities, hopes, dreams and goals—which is incredibly exciting and can be overwhelming.  We add broccoli and then expect everything to run smoothly.  The reality is life is rarely that simple.  We work hard to fine tune every facet of our lives so that our dreams to come true.

I was reading a daily meditation last night that is actually written for women in recovery.  It is called Each Day a New Beginning and has been a fun daily reading for me to encounter thanks to my sister-in-law for passing it along.  No, I am not in recovery, but we can always learn more, look at things from a new perspective and grow. These are some excerpts from the meditation yesterday (perfect theme for my day):

The future is made of the same stuff as the present – Simone Weil

Our existence is purposeful and part of the whole of creation, and we can sense our purpose.

We must cling to the present or we’ll miss its invitation to grow, to help a friend perhaps, to be part of the only reality there is.

Some key takeaways:
1.    Cherish the present
2.    Make time for others
3.    Embrace your purpose

Yes it is good to have a plan; yes the past has impact; be present today.

The Mondays

Some people head into the work week already anticipating the craziness they have waiting.  Or some people struggle with having a Case of the Mondays weekly.  Oh Office Space…just a ridiculous movie…pretty entertaining.  If you haven’t taken the opportunity to watch it, then you should…it might actually be a good way to have fun on this Monday, if you are in fact having a case of the Mondays!

How do you prepare for your week ahead?  Some people take extra time to relax and soak up the weekend…while others might make a list and organize themselves as best as possible.  Either way, mentally Monday can be a hard day, but shifting our perspective may very well make Monday a little more bearable.  Maybe adding a little fun into your Monday, having a good lunch break, or even prepping for Monday on the Friday before might ease the Monday blues.  There is definitely no magic formula for making Mondays great other than keeping our attitude and perspective in check.

I do not have any clients to see today, so I am cleaning, running errands and doing all sorts of fun things at home.  I know you are jealous. It is okay to be jealous….

Don’t have much else to share so I will leave you with a humorous story from my weekend:
I was waiting in line for the restroom at Central Market (guys have it so lucky…there is always a line in the women’s restroom).  A little girl went into one of the stalls while singing…super cute.  Then she proceeds to say “Mom, I am going to go number 2, so you should probably hold your nose!” The mother (while giving me a look of – I’m sorry and this is so embarrassing) tells her daughter “Well you don’t need to tell 4 people that you have to go number 2.” The daughter replied “I’m not telling 4 people, I am ONLY telling YOU!” I’m sure their conversation about restroom etiquette later would have been a fun one to hear—– LOL I was trying sooo hard not to laugh loudly.  Gotta love children.  If you don’t then you have no soul…they are hilarious, precious and can even make your day a little bit brighter.

OH and while I was at Central Market, I was able to pick up my first batch of pomegranates for the season. So Delish!! Happy Monday! Embrace it and make it great!