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Sharing is Caring

Most people are aware that social support is crucial to life and that having people in your life who care can make a world of difference. 

Researchers have shown that one key indicator of people in relationships that are fulfilling is vulnerability.  One particular study done by the University of Houston showed that relationships in which individuals expressed their care for each other created a greater sense of relationship satisfaction.

Bottom line: Relationships are built on mutual appreciation, and there is no better way to show that appreciation than to tell someone how much you care (Lackovic-Grgin and Dekovic 1996).

Challenge today: share with others how important they are to you.



5 Elements of Listening Deeply

Actively Listen – don’t worry about your reply

Observe – what’s happening

Consider – needs and feelings

Respond – when appropriate with words and actions

Slow Down – you don’t have to solve the problem, most people just want you to listen and say it is going to be okay

AttitudeOur inner attitudes do not have to reflect our outward circumstances

I have been out of commission for the last few days. There are times in our lives when we need to take a step back, gain perspective, grieve loss and figure out how to move forward. Given this circumstance I am reminded that even in the midst of struggle or loss we can find peace and joy. Our inner attitude does not have to reflect our outer circumstance. We have a choice. 


Detox Bath Review

I gave the detox bath a try that I posted yesterday.  These are some positive takeaways from “bath time”:
Soft skin
Minimized Rash
Time to clear mind
Cleaned up calluses- good hand care blog
Listened to good music
Research and reading (on dominant personality traits that lead to success in the workplace)

Overall I would say that this is a good list of positives from the detox bath time.  However, most of these things on my list had nothing to do with the actual bath but rather forced me to sit still and relax for 40 minutes.  By the time my alarm went off, I was itching (not from the rash) to get up and move around…mainly because I put lavender oil in the bath and was getting quite sleepy and still had a to-do list to conquer!

Would I recommend it? If you need some quiet time to relax, most definitely! Do I think you are going to be toxin free when it is all said and done?? Still questionable.  I am probably about as toxic as I was before the bath. I do not suggest doing this in the middle of the day when you are hoping to be productive–unless you have time for a nap! Being productive after the bath was probably the second most challenging part of this process (the first being I had to sit still for 40 minutes)!

Random but interesting article on Alcohol and Sleep… since we are essentially talking about self-care, I figure it’s not too much of a stretch to share this little nugget! Hope your day is one full of productivity and a little relaxation! Happy Tuesday!

Double Your Pleasure

….Double your fun. That’s the statement of the great mint in DoubleMint Gum.  Anyone remember that commercial? No? Such a catchy little jingle. I distinctly remember singing along with this commercial…I feel like commercials don’t have jingles like they use to….or maybe they do. I don’t actually watch TV (which may totally discredit me with some of you…I know it is weird) so I guess they could very well have jingles and I just don’t know about it. Jingles remind me of the 90’s.

friendsOh the 90’s. Let’s take a trip down memory lane (to name a few):
Hit Me Baby One More Time
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Super Soakers
Beanie Babies
Saved By The Bell
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Light-up Shoes
Neon Clothes
Bleached Hair
10 Things I Hate About You
While You Were Sleeping
O.J. Simpson
The Spice Girls
Ninja Turtles
Mood Rings

Even Pinterest has a page for the 90s! What are some things you remember about the 90’s?? Miss it? Always fun to remember when….

Give a Little

Part of our existence is intertwined in our need to unconditionally love and support those around us.  We need each others gifts, passions, time, compassion and even inspiration. Our expression of our gifts gives us purpose in the day in day out routines.  Not only is it important for us to be loving toward others, it is important that we love ourselves.  Each human life has value, including your own.  When people are struggling to love themselves or even make time for their needs and self-care I like to ask “If this were your best friend saying this to you, how would you respond to them?”  Sometimes we have to be a little “selfish” in order to be more selfless.


ImageToday marks a day in our country’s history that most will never forget; a day when tragedy occurred and a day when many gave their lives for that of another.  Today is a day that will be forever burned into my heart.  It is a day that not only had impact as I sat and watched video footage of the towers crashing, but it is a day that marked a very personal life event.  It is a day where I had my own heroes there beside me…giving their all, putting me first; my dad being one of them.  I will never forget the love, patience and peace that my dad brought on this day and the days that followed.  I will always be grateful for the love and support of my family. So today let’s take a little time to remember our heroes; say thank you for all they do and all they are; and honor them in the same fashion that they have shown honor to us.

How’s Your Filter?

As a therapist I use the word filter a WHOLE lot.  I am pretty sure some of my client’s roll their eyes; if not literally, then at least in their minds eye as I use the word Filter.  Let me give you an example “this week I want you to practice using the filter ‘what is best for me?’ when you are making decisions.” Just like in therapy, when we are making decisions about food, we could use a few good filters in order to sort through the junk and do what is best!

1. Is this a whole food?
2. Did this come from an animal?
3. Can I read all the ingredients and are any of them artificial?
4.  How will this make me feel?
5. Does this have added sugar?
6. Is this processed and if so, how?
7. Do I need this? (NEED not want!)

What other filters do you think would be beneficial for you to utilize as you make decisions about food?  How well do your filters work? You know how the saying goes “practice makes perfect” —well that is actually not entirely true, but practice does make you closer to perfect, so hit me with your best shot!

Good Hydration

WATER. Duh! It is simple, what you need is water and you need a lot of it! H20 is an essential component of our diet that we often neglect and rarely give it much thought.  The reality is, we could all drink more than we do…so how much is a good amount? 80 oz for a grown adult is considered the bare minimum. This is without considering exercise, climate, food intake, alcohol consumption and other unique factors to you.  I try really hard to drink 100 oz a day.  Some days that is easy, some days I feel like I am being tortured via my water bottle!! Regardless of how easy or hard it is, the fact still remains that water is absolutely necessary! You get some H20 from your food, (if you are eating clean) but not enough to keep you well hydrated. If you are bad at math or you don’t feel like crunching an equation then you can click here, and let an online calculator do the computing for you, just answer a few questions and it will give you a rough estimate of ounces you should be consuming.
What else can you drink? Technically, you can drink anything, so maybe a better way to put it would be what else should you drink or what else would be fine to drink or what is not completely unacceptable to drink…you can decide the best sentence structure…it’s like choose your own adventure without the adventure part….and I will carry on.

OKAY TO DRINK (the short list)
Sparkling water (like La Croix—watch out for brands with sodium and sugar)
Water with a little fruit juice (add a little lemon, lime…again watch out for juices with added junk)
Herbal tea

THESE WILL NOT HYDRATE YOU—but okay in moderation

Have at least 8 nice cold ones today (glasses of water that is)! Cheers!